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A Typical Case of “Love Jehad”

Here is a typical case of “Love Jehad” whereby a minor school going girl was enticed under false pretense, repeatedly raped, fleeced, blackmailed and pressured to convert. There are countless such hapless victims. The unusual thing about this case is that this girl finally gathered the courage to confess to her mother (her father is dead) and lodge an FIR. The case is currently being tried in court but the family is living under mortal terror because of continuing threats from the criminal minded young man and his accomplices who trapped the girl in the first place.

An important reason why this minor girl drew courage to lodge a case could well be that her elder sister was likewise seduced by another Muslim guy who even blackmailed her to convert and marry. However, for the last many years there is no trace of that elder sister.
I reproduce her FIR translated from Hindi to English.
SHO, Police Station,
South Delhi


I am Neelam Pande (name changed), D/O XYZ, Resident of ABC (in South Delhi). I am a student of Class 12. My date of birth is XX/XX/1996. This year in April, I was introduced to a boy by my friend Kalpana (name changed). He used to come to meet her near the school. He said that his name was Sameer. We began to chat on the phone and became friends. One day he asked me to come to meet him in the evening. I told my mother that I was going to the market and went to meet him. He took me to a park. He started molesting me and even while I kept objecting, he raped me then despite my resistance. He pressed my mouth with his hands to stop me from screaming. When I began crying he threatened to kill me. 

I was unable to tell anyone about this incident because I had lied to my mother when I went out to meet him. After this I stopped talking to him on phone even though he kept calling me. He kept coming to my school to meet me and kept asking to be forgiven. He also threatened to commit suicide if I did not forgive him. Then I again started talking to him. 

Then one day he met me in front of my school and took me out on the pretext that it was his birthday. He took me to a South Delhi guest house. There too he raped me against my will. I screamed but nobody was there to hear my screams. Probably the whole floor was unoccupied. He also told me that his name was Salim (name changed) and that he was a Muslim and he lived near Nizamuddin. He threatened to slit my throat with a knife and took many nude pictures of mine with his mobile phone. I was very scared because of his threats and I could not tell anyone because I had bunked school to go with him. After that he started threatening me and exploiting me. 

He had given me a mobile phone that I kept hidden and he used it to threaten me and to keep in touch. He also changed the handset and SIM cards that he gave me many times. He took me to that guest house and raped me on numerous occasions under threat of black mail. He never used to make any entry in the registers of that guest house because the man at that guest house was his friend and he used to phone that boy Karan before he took me there to let him know that he was coming. Salim also threatened me many time to force me to give him money which I stole from my mother’s purse and 2-3 times by using my mother’s ATM card. 

Salim asked me to convert to Islam and when I refused, he threatened to throw acid on my face and post my nude pictures on the internet. I became very frustrated with my life and finally one day I confessed everything to my mother. 

Salim mostly used the following numbers to contact me – [Neelam mentions exact numbers] and out of the phones that he had given me I remember the following two numbers:  [here again she provides numbers of those phones]

Neelam ends her FIR saying, " Salim Khan.... threatened me and raped me many times against my will. He also took my nude pictures and blackmailed me. I request that the above mentioned Salim be awarded rigorous punishment so that I get justice"

It is noteworthy that these two phones given to Neelam were actually stolen from some businessman. Salim had been caught by the police using those phones not only to trap Neelam but had earlier used them for-sexually-harassing and trapping other schoolgirls who this rogue used to ferry from home to school while he worked as a van driver. Cases against him had already been booked against him on that account.

Madhu Kishwar

Madhu Kishwar
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